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Home camera

Home camera

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Upgrade 1080P HD night vision function, and switch between infrared night vision and white light night vision freely. Even in a completely dark environment, you can see clear images. The monitoring images are more colorful within the farthest 10m range. 360 ° rotating PTZ camera, 355 ° horizontally and 65 ° vertically. The PTZ rotates and provides comprehensive care. Level 8 speed is flexible and adjustable, which can be used in every corner of the house. Motion detection and real-time alarm - The indoor camera system uses high sensitivity motion sensors. Connect the wireless camera to WiFi. When it detects a moving object, it will record the motion picture and notify you through the APP.


Characteristics: Movement detection
Connections: MicroSD
Connectivity: WiFi
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px
Recommended use: Use indoors

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